Physics and DIY projects

Arduino Radiator project

Chapter 1: Preliminary work and sketching of the idea

Today i worked on doing some testing on the temperature measurement setup. Initally the first option i had for temperature sensors was just a transistor. we can use the transistor as a diode which has a known temperature cooficient of -2 mV per degree. I tried this out but the resolution of the arduino(4.8 mv per step) is just too bad for this to work reliably because it has almost 2.5 degree per step. However my roommate came up with a sensor based of the ds18b20 Link to ds18b20 project of someone else

I found out that a dedicted temperature sensor is by far the bettter option for our project.

Chapter 2: Thinking about controllability and observability and sensor choice and placement

In my system i should ensure that the system(My room) is observable and controlleble. The observing part will be done by placing 2 temperature sensors in the room. One measuring room temperature and one measuring the temperature of the Radiator. The controlling part will be done by making an actuator that can set the position of the knob on the radiator.